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The car was designed to envision what the Maybach could bring to the electric-powered, rugged, off-roading space


3 Dramatic Ways Our Cars and Roads May Soon Look Different

The intensifying environmental global crises have made it abundantly clear that we must rethink our priorities when it comes to transportation


The 2023 Corvette Z06 Has Just Been Unveiled—and It Doesn’t Disappoint

The all-new Corvette Z06 sprints from 0 to 60 mph in just over 2.5 seconds, meaning it has Ferrari power for Chevy money


ADTest-Drives the All-Electric BMW iX SUV, the Latest Tesla-Fighter

First shown to the world as a concept car in 2018, the German automakers radical new car jumps from 0 to 60 m.p.h. in less than 4.5 seconds


Rolls-Royce Finally Goes Fully Electric With a Striking New Car

The car, which will be known as the Spectre, is expected to be delivered to its first customers in late 2023


宾利重新设计他们的最有价值的等等It Costs Over $2 Million

Originally built a century ago to compete against rivals Mercedes and Bugatti, Bentley will use the latest technology to recreate a dozen all new vintage cars


In 2040, You May Drive a Car That Looks Like This

Lincoln teamed with design students in California to create “something the world has not yet seen”


Rolls-Royce’s Newest Car Features Its Own Cocktail Tables for Alfresco Dining

The Boat Tail is the brand’s latest eight-figure, custom-built car, and it’s sure to turn heads


McLaren & Hermès Partnered to Build This Car—and There’s Only One in the World

The stunning vehicle, which took a year to complete, features one-off touches and a V8 engine that zips from zero to 60 m.p.h. in 2.9 seconds


Mercedes-Benz Debuts Its First All-Electric Luxury Sedan—Setting Its Sights on Tesla

The 2022 EQS is a full-size car meant to vie with Tesla’s Model S in the six-figure luxury electric sedan market


Bentley Unveils Its Final Gas-Powered Sedan, and It’s a Head Turner

Ending more than a century of tradition, the iconic British brand will shift all vehicle production to electrification—first with plug-in hybrids and then to full battery power by 2030


Audi Unveils Its New, Tesla-Fighting Electric Sports Car—And It's a Stunner

ADsits down with Audi's design director Marc Lichte to discuss all that went into creating the e-tron GT


Meet the New Luxury Electric Car That Finally Rivals Tesla

Lucid Air is an all-new electric vehicle with up to 517 miles of range and a zero-to-60 time of 2.5 seconds—but is that enough to keep up with Elon Musk’s growing empire?


Sir David Adjaye and Aston Martin Design Five Stunning New York City Penthouses

The famed architect and the venerable car maker also collaborated on a special edition design for the all-new Aston Martin DBX SUV


What Went Into Designing the Gorgeous New $223,000 Ferrari Roma

ADspoke with Ferrari's chief design officer Flavio Manzoni about the car, which sports a 612 horsepower V-8 engine


InsideAD’s Ultimate Guide to the Best Design in Transport

Discover the hottest new offerings in cars, motorcycles, aviation, yachts—plus a few big surprises


ADTakes a Lincoln Navigator on a Cross-Country Test-Drive

As the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly restricted air travel, Lincoln’s latest version of its full-size SUV brings new meaning to the art of the road trip