迈阿密艺术与设计周2021:Bellini Sofa转向艺术品,Chanel的植物填充安装等等

Es Devlins multisensory installation for Chanel
Es Devlin’s multisensory installation for Chanel. Photo: Sam Frost

This week, theADteam is in sunny Florida to report from the ground at Miami Art and Design Week. Get your bearings in our预览文章和be sure to catch up on all the happenings fromday 1第二天

Art, Abridged

迈阿密海滩的艺术巴塞尔迈阿密海滩的规模可能是压倒性的,特别是对于像我这样的首要计时器。幸运的是,艺术顾问和历史学家SharónZoldan,创始人SZ Advisoryin Los Angeles, was available to shepherd me through the zaniness. Touring a group of us through some of the fair’s more exciting minimalist holdings, Zoldan highlighted several pieces expected to fetch tidy sums—among them, an untitled work by Claudio Parmiggiani shown bySimon Lee Gallery。意大利Arte Povera运动的成员,Parmiggiani今年通过捕获他工作室中的篝火的残留煤炭创造了煤渣涂层小组。结果是一种幽灵般的诗意的形象,与记忆,时间和破坏的主题说话。

洛杉矶的Kayne Griffin Gallery, meanwhile, exhibited work by another undersung artist of a trending movement. Mary Corse is one of the few women recognized as a part of the West Coast Light and Space movement, and herUntitled (Beams)at Art Basel is a testament to her ability to keep up with fellow members like James Turrell and Larry Bell. Like other pieces by Corse, the work features light-reflecting paint used on highways—a choice that not only adds dynamism and depth, but in this case also makes the sculptural work suitable for the outdoors.

Zoldan旅游的另一个最爱是Samira Yamin的All the Skies Over Syria, a touching, abstract reconstruction of Syrian skies as portrayed over the course of eight years by时间magazine. The work can be seen in顾客库展位,所以标记你的地图,并将Yamin作为一个观看。-Lila Allen

B&B Italia launched a special commission with multimedia artist Shantell Martin during the fair.

照片:Emilio Collavino

At the B&B Italia flagship, Bellini’s Camaleonda sofa is the main attraction.

照片:Emilio Collavino

Toasting Bellini

Fairs may be the tentpoles of the Art Basel Miami Beach big top, but as any seasoned circus goer knows there are ample attractions to behold beyond the main rings. Naturally, Miami’s Design District is one such locale—and, as you might expect, it is a design lover’s destination for the latest activations, installations, introductions, and exhibitions. First stop: The B&B Italia flagship, where the venerable furniture brand has been celebrating the recent revival of its Camaleonda sofa, a Mario Bellini hit that is currently the stuff of decorator wishes and Instagram dreams. (AD高级设计编辑Hannah Martin今年早些时候召集:“Blob Sofa”是having a moment。) To celebrate, the brand tapped multimedia artist Shantell Martin to enliven the showroom windows with her signature black-and-white artwork. Martin herself even popped by on Wednesday for a live drawing performance in homage to the iconic design. —萨姆科奇兰

Merengue by the Campana Brothers.



From B&B, we sauntered to Louis Vuitton to toast the latest additions to its covetable Objets Nomades collection. Among them, we glimpsed the futuristic outdoor seating by Beijing rising star Frank Chou and the Merengue pouf by the Campana Brothers—not to mention a special installation by repeat collaborator Patricia Urquiola. —S.C.

Vladimir Kagan的循环III桌椅,现在为霍莉狩猎重新发行。

Photography courtesy Holly Hunt


跳跃,跳过和跳跃后来我们发现自己在霍利狩猎时迎接弗拉基米尔卡根设计集团现任设计总监Chris Eitel,该集团通过后期传说重新引入了四个档案件。(我们最喜欢的是1976年的循环III桌椅,带有那个Glam Lucite背部和沟渠簇绒室内装饰。) -S.C.


Chanel’s interactive showstopper with Es Devlin—the reigning queen of spectacle—has been the talk of Miami this week. Devlin’s multisensory installation of 1,000 plants, shrubs, and trees, in addition to a monumental labyrinth, is all in homage to the 100th anniversary of the Chanel N°5 scent. On Wednesday night, all eyes turned skyward for a choreographed performance of illuminated drones, which formed sparkling outlines of perfume bottles and a silhouette of dame Coco herself. —S.C.

Es Devlin’s multisensory installation for Chanel.

Photo: Sam Frost

Knitting Pretty

没有突破当代艺术研究所,迈阿密的迈阿密,没有突出的设计区就会完整Amazonknightswith Ellen Lesperance. Her work translates the knit garments of feminist activists into paintings and sculpture. (The show will remain open until March 27, 2022, leaving plenty of time for a second visit.)

刚下街道冬天的纽约卫星空间Mitchell-Innes & Nash画廊正在展示Eddie Martinez的早期宝藏,以及九名艺术家的工作(其中包括弗雷迪Brick,Hawkins Bolden和Willie Jinks等自我教学的人才),他捕获了他的想象力。-S.C.

Sunset on Miami

经过漫长的一天镇镇,我们终于在弗里克酒店的入住餐厅终止于27日享用适当的晚餐。一口烤的vadouvan花椰菜和一条整个鱼后来,它回到了The Goodtime Hotel对于喜欢的睡前仪式:一集Selling Sunset。Nothing like the dulcet tones of the Oppenheim Group to lull you to sleep. In the morning, we bid adieu to Magic City—and are counting down the days to next year’s edition of the festivities. —S.C.