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Mugs, makers, Mokapots, and more for the coffee connoisseurs in your life

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Coffee connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and drinkers alike will all appreciate the path of least resistance—and most pleasure—while brewing. But looking for the best gifts for coffee lovers in your life might be overwhelming.Espresso machineor old-schooldripcoffee maker? And on the topic of drip, Chemex or Hario? The options are as limitless as the variations to your coffee order.

意图d on for all of the best gift ideas from the coffee universe. I’ve rounded up everything from eye-catching mugs to the most high-tech gadgets, the best and freshest beans, and all the other accessories your lucky gift recipient needs to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

The Best Espresso Machine Gifts

Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

If you’re not quite sure if your friend or family member is a coffee snob or a complete beginner, consider the Breville Bambino Plus. This espresso machine is ideal for most levels of coffee knowledge. Serious pros might prefer a barista-level machine, but everyone else will love this easy-to-use, multi-functional espresso maker. It has a compact footprint to preserve precious countertop space, and with a little practice, your loved one will be pulling smooth, robust shots in no time.

Breville BES500BSS Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

The Best Gift Ideas for Coffee on the Go

Kinto Tumbler

Tokyo-based Kinto is known for its thoughtfully made, high-quality kitchenware, and this travel mug is no exception. Never fear a leaky lid or a too-hot-to-handle bottle again with this stainless steel, vacuum insulated bottle. It holds 17 ounces (more than enough room for a large Monday morning latte!), and it comes in six shades. The perfect gift for that friend who is trying to break theirplasticStarbucks cup habit.

Kinto Travel Tumbler

Miir Coffee Canister

This compact coffee canister from Miir is ideal for theoutdoorsperson in your life. It packs 12 ounces of coffee—plenty for a week’s worth of morning coffee while backpacking. It’s airtight and made of stainless steel with a BPA-free silicone gasket.


The Best Coffee Grinder Gifts

Baratza Encore锥形毛刺咖啡研磨机

一旦咖啡豆被磨碎,它们中的油就会开始消散。对于最新鲜的杯子,请使用锥形毛刺咖啡研磨机在家里磨碎豆子,该咖啡杯小心地将豆子切成确切的规格。这个Baratza是最喜欢的咖啡专业人士and connoisseurs for its uniform grind size and high-quality construction. Yes, it’s pricey, but these machines last for decades, and the repair process—should you ever even need it—is notoriously smooth.

Baratza Encore锥形毛刺咖啡研磨机

Timemore Manual Coffee Grinder

Some coffee drinkers might prefer going the old-school route and use a hand grinder. If so, the Timemore Manual Grinder is the perfect gift for them. It’s easy to use, powerful, and produces an incredibly even grind size for a manual device. Plus, it’s small enough to fit in a to-go kit alongside an AeroPress (more on that later) and a few servings of coffee grounds.

Timemore Chestnut C2 Manual Coffee Grinder



While plenty of independent coffee roasters have subscription services now, Trade Coffee makes for an excellent gift because of the variety it provides. Gift a Trade coffee subscription, and your loved one will be able to choose from hundreds of bags of beans, all from small roasters across the U.S. The site has a handy quiz that will guide coffee aficionados and newbies alike through finding the best beans for their preferred brew method—whether that be a coffee maker, an espresso machine, a French press, a Hario pour-over, or more. Trade accounts for it.

Your loved one will also be able to input information like preferred flavor profile and even coffee additions, like milk or sugar, before being led to a handful of goldilocks single origins and blends. Each bag is roasted fresh to order, and the company partners with roasters dedicated to fair trade purchasing practices.


Counter Culture Coffee Subscription


Counter Culture Coffee Subscription

Bloomist x Stumptown Gift Box

您一生中咖啡爱好者可能需要的一切:一袋新鲜烤的公平贸易Stumptown咖啡豆,洛杉矶陶艺家彼得·谢尔顿(Peter Sheldon)的手扔咖啡杯纸,如果早上杯最好在咖啡桌上搭配页面。

Bloomist x Stumptown Gift Box

The Best Coffee Maker Gifts

Moccamaster Technivorm KBT

Technivorm Moccamaster是理想的滴水咖啡机。自1968年以来,这台标志性的机器一直受到咖啡爱好者的喜爱,用于淋浴设计,该设计均匀地喷洒了所有咖啡。水瓶保持良好的热量,并且非常耐用。该界面很简单,轻而易举地操作 - 甚至预咖啡因。虽然摩卡仪有点挥霍, it comes with a five-year warranty, and it is known for its high-quality design.

Technivorm Moccamaster 79112 KBT咖啡酿酒师

Chemex 8-Cup

The Chemex is a deceptively simple way to an excellent pour-over. Just add a Chemex filter to the elegantly-shaped coffee maker glass, add your hot water (ideally from a gooseneck kettle), and you’re well on your way to a smooth, robust cup. The Chemex filters make all the difference. Made from bonded paper, they remove excess sediment and oils in the brewing process, which in turn whisks away any hint of bitterness in your (or your loved one’s) cup of coffee.

Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker - Classic Series - 8-Cup - Exclusive Packaging


Hario倒入咖啡是另一种备受喜爱,简单且可靠的倾倒方法,其简便性使其成为完美的礼物。这是专门为Bloomist创建的Hario V60锥体。光滑的架子本身是黄铜,而咖啡锥是玻璃的,这是一种轻松的搭配,可轻装式厨房硬件,在台面上看起来很棒。


Bialetti Mokapot

Stovetop Espresso:一种蒸汽浓的浓啤酒,并不是很浓缩咖啡,但没有昂贵的电子产品。为此,Bialetti Mokapot的八角形罐使用了独特的反向酿造方法,其中将蒸汽通过咖啡块向上推动,使您在顶部隔间中享用一杯美味可爱的咖啡。尽管具有卑微的工程技术(更不用说迷你的25美元价格点),而Coffee的爱好者经常喜欢Bialetti的轻松和怀旧。

Bialetti Express Moka Pot,1杯,铝银

Hand and Fire Coffee Dripper

尽管我喜欢Chemex或Hario,但这种独特而釉面的咖啡滴滴滴滴和啤酒的组合来自俄勒冈州Potter Sage Cortez,提供了一种令人难以置信的周到和令人惊叹的制作早晨杯子的方法。搭配您最喜欢的豆类袋,一包纸过滤器,您拥有完美的礼物design lover in your life.

Hand And Fire Coffee Dripper

Alessi Mokapot

A mokapot upgrade for the modernist kitchen. This Alessi stovetop espresso pot, designed by Michele de Lucchi, makes six cups of gloriously rich and strong coffee.

Alessi Pulcina炉顶咖啡机

The Best Cold Brew Coffee Gifts

Takeya Cold Brew Maker

It might be cold outside now, but come June, your loved one could be whipping out their冷水制造商with delight. If the supremely strong, robust flavor of cold brew coffee brings tears of joy to their eyes, the Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker is the gadget for them. This one makes a particularly powerful cup of cold brew, and it is easy to use.




Aeropress即将在没有柜台的浓缩咖啡机的情况下到达家中的浓缩咖啡。另外,它是便携式的。带您的小型设置到办公室里继续, or to the周末出租。Adding the Fellow Coffee attachment takes that already excellent gift and makes it a little more thoughtful. The tiny screw on pressure-actuated valve builds up more pressure to mimic the action of pulling a shot. Plus, the thin, etched, stainless steel attachment is reusable, so no more hunting around for paper filters.

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker


The Best Coffee Mugs, Pitchers, and Creamers to Gift

Dansk Kobenstyle杯子

No best-gifts-for-coffee-lovers list on Clever would be complete without the right accessories. Danish kitchenware lineDansk可能以标志性的搪瓷锅,但the mugs, inspired by those very same pots, might just steal your heart too. In cherry, white, or midnight blue, one of these Kobenstyle enamel coffee mugs makes for a playful gift.

Dansk Kobenstyle Porcelain Mugs

Splatterware Pitcher

Oat milk has never looked as good. Give this pretty little splatterware milk pitcher alongside a milk frother as a gift, and the coffee drinker in your life will never need to rely on their local coffee shop for lattes again. Each one is handcrafted in the Pugliese region of Italy and has slight variations.

黑色在Terra-Cotta Splatterware投手

Stelton Dusty Green Vacuum Jug

这款由Erik Magnusson设计的咖啡投手一直是咖啡爱好者的最爱已有40年了。它是真空密封的,并使饮料保持热或寒冷几个小时 - 理想的懒惰且熟悉的长周六早午餐。鉴于它拥有一升咖啡,这是给任何滴水咖啡机(和一个充满咖啡饮用者的家庭)的人的完美礼物。

Stelton EM77 Vacuum Jug


This straight-sided, hand-thrown tumbler with a pleasurably nubbly and unglazed finish seems so simple, and yet it is just the right coffee mug. The tall, narrow shape retains heat, and it’s roomy enough for a latte, but not overly bulky.

Small Cup

Borrn Colorblocked杯子

This petite coffee mug brings some joyful color to the kitchen with its deep coral pink and navy enameling. At just four inches high, this is the ideal size for a cappuccino or latte.

Bornn Colorblocked Mug in Coral


Nespresso Aeroccino4牛奶起泡

If the coffee lover in your life has fastidiously been frothing away with a handheld wand, awe them with an Aeroccino milk frother. The half-cup capacity Aeroccino makes supremely silky hot or cold foam (and of course, heats your milk to the ideal temperature as well). The base holds an extra foaming attachment too, so, for once, that tiny piece won’t get lost in the back of the cutlery drawer.

Nespresso Aeroccino4牛奶起泡