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Keeping your hands干净的has become a full-time job. From the washing to the glove-wearing to the sanitizing, it’s likely a new hobby that’s always on your mind. When you can’t get to a sink for proper washing, handsanitizerhas been a lifesaver, and we’ve noticed so many brands and companies have pivoted to manufacturing their own versions. It’s especially nice when the tried-and-true options are constantly out of stock.

One of the first of these that caught our eye came from design studio and manufacturer产量设计. “While we’re largely known for kitchenware and furniture, our candle and apothecary line has become a core part of our business in recent years,” says cofounder Andrew Deming, who added that the brand was in the midst of developing perfumes—slated to be released in May—when it realized it was time to make some changes. Already working with an FDA approved bottling facility in Utah, the brand was able to respond quickly. The line of 1- and 4-ounce glass bottles, plus 10-ounce refill bottles, are available directly via their site and a number of retailers around the U.S.


Here, beyond Yield, are some of the other hand-sanitizer options that caught our attention. BRB, time to go slather up.

Another brand we’re fond of,by Humankind, recently launched amoisturizing hand sanitizerthat aligns with its mission to eliminate our global dependence on single-use plastic. The hand sanitizer is available in a bulk-size 250ml aluminum bottle, allowing customers to refill the plastic hand sanitizer containers they already own to give those single-use items a second life. You can get a Grapefruit or Unscented option, and $1 of the proceeds goes toward the Robin Hood Relief Fund, which provides emergency support to the nonprofit organizations on the front lines in New York City.

by Humankind Hand Sanitizer

Southern California–based home goods brand诺登has a sandalwood and cardamomhand sanitizer spraywe’re digging. The plant-derived formula meets current FDA, CDC, and WHO recommendations for alcohol content, and also contains moisturizing aloe to keep your hands from drying out. The fragrance is based off the brand’s popular Cabin fragrance series.


Coming from the northern part of California,Bathing Culture, the rainbow-centric bath brand, just released aHigh Spirits sanitizer. Made from USA-grown, organic, non-GMO corn alcohol, this sanitizer meets the brand’s high standards for safety, effectiveness, and sustainability—and is formulated to meet CDC recommendations. Plus, $1 of each sale goes toDigdeep在没有它的情况下为200万美国人提供自来水。


Brooklyn-based niche perfume houseD.S. & Durgarecently introduced its version, called Big Sur After Rain. The essential oils of the fragrance with the same name—rainwater in eucalyptus groves off Highway 1, young green shoots, long spears, russet underbrush—were added to 80% ethyl alcohol for antiseptic purposes and to glycerine to moisturize. Fifty percent of the initial production is being donated to local hospitals and paramedics.

Big Sur After Rain Spray Hand Sanitizer